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After being a student and teacher of Yoga for almost a decade, the road I was walking on gradually changed into the path of a Witch. Leading me to explore the ways and teachings of medicine women (and men) and the old sacred wisdom of our earth. My teachings have shifted into shaping rituals and ceremony, heartfelt space holding, medicine making, and sharing the medicine of song and sound.


It fills me with gratitude to have studied and practiced with great teachers from all over the world. I have found roots in many different traditions. This path of learning has felt a lot like remembering.

What matters to me is connecting in truth, and to be of service in my own quirky way. I am not special. I am just like you. For all I have to offer you, I know you have gifts, wisdom, talents to offer yourself that are welcome and needed! Let’s find out how we can be here for each other.


“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

- John Muir


What I offer

Circles and Ceremony
Home-made Medicine

Experience the power of coming together in a sacred circle or ceremony. A safe and loving space to share, grow and connect. Each circle or ceremony is a journey by itself. With guided meditation, sharing, writing or drawing, music, breathwork and gentle plant medicine like cermonial Cacao. All the things that help connect us to our essence. Also 1 on 1.

I am honoured to work with, and be a student of, the Medicines of Mother Earth. They have helped me tremendously in blossoming and living life fully.

Guiding me with a lot of love, wisdom and humour. 

I have started to create gentle Earth Medicine Chocolates to share the love and support

your personal journey.

Breath & Sound Bath

Let your body and being rest, reset and restore by bathing in the beautiful sound of singing bowls and other instruments. Sound is a wonderful way to help the body to relax and bring balance through the vibration of soundwaves.





“She made me feel safe and very comfortable. She gave me some good new insights in my struggles by opening and listening to my own heart. It was really special to feel my heart make the drawing.” 

—  L.Rozenberg


"This being is a guesthouse"




The Netherlands

Tel: 0031-6-11302986

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