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Rites of passage, Women's Circle, Mother Blessing...

Sometimes what is needed is just to press pauze for a moment. To gather together in circle, drop all our masks and connect with each other in honesty. To be nourished by inviting a hint of sacredness into our lives. Elements of a circle or ceremony can be meditation, self inquiry, writing, drawing, ritual, sounds, singing, movement, gentle plant medicine like ceremonial Cacao, Mugwort tea or Blue Lotus. Smoke medicine (smudging), essential oils, and more.


This is about the alchemy of coming together in truth. All I do is hold space for whatever is already there and

allow the different elements to flow.

1 ON 1

I also offer private tailor made ceremonies and rituals. If you feel you need a bit of help to move through a transition in your life, make a new step, let go of something, honour a loss or

celebrate a milestone. I am here to guide you through

these moments in your life to truly experience them,

feel it deeply, and embrace where you are at,

with love and kindness, and a bit of magic. 


On request I also guide private ceremonies with Psilocybine and Sacred Tobacco. These ceremonies offer a profound deep dive into

your inner world in a safe and warmly supported set and setting.

Ceremony with these medicines help you to remember who you truly are. To embrace the full spectrum of life with kind and loving awareness. 

For more information please contact me here.

Circles & Ceremony
Micro dose chocolates


Micro Dosing Medicine

From my love for the earth medicines I make and share these magical chocolates with a lot of love, care and enthusiasm.

With the best ceremonial grade raw Cacao, homegrown Psylocibin magic, spices and a sprinkling of Blue Lotus.

In honour of the profound teachings of nature. 

These micro dose chocolates are a wonderful companion during your day to day life. They can support you to be more present and to reconnect with your deeper sense of self. They can help with creativity and flow and positively support your mental health.

For more information and details please contact me directly. 

I also make mini-dose bonbons, ceremonial bars,

magical cacao drinks, tea and more.


IMG_4084 2.heic

Our bodies are made of a lot of water, and with the help of sound, parts of our body can be brought into motion by vibration. Not only does this have a very calming effect, it can help move blocked energy and supports the body to return to balance.


During a sound bath you lie down in comfortable cloths on a soft surface like a yogamat with a blanket. I will first guide you through some breath practices to help you relax and let the body open up to receive the sound vibrations. I will surround you with meditative sounds of singing bowls, gong, ocean drum, crystal harp, my voice, and more. Sometimes I will place singing bowls around and on the body. By striking the singing bowl it produces a vibration accompanied by a complex sound with overtones. This has a pleasant and deep effect on the body. The relaxing effect of the singing bowls will be enhanced the use of essential oils.


The only thing you have to do is surrender into the feelings and sounds that are present in the moment.

Also for groups!

For more information please contact me by mail.


Sound Bath

Sound Bath
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