I teach vinyasa and prenatal vinyasa yoga. Varying from slow and mindful movement to powerful and playful flows. Depending on the time, season, students and studio. Through experience I am able to offer what is most suitable to bring nourishment and relaxation. Offering in kindness what is needed for different bodies/beings.


Currently I am teaching at Moon Yoga Club in Bergen and Sekoya Center in Schoorl.

Mondays 11:15-12:30 Gentle Yoga @ Sekoya Center

Thursdays 10:30-11:30 Yin Yang Yoga @ Moon Yoga Club


I offer private yoga classes at my home in Bergen, surrounded by trees. In a special room dedicated to spiritual and creative practices. 


Trial class: €35,-

Single class (75min): €65,-

Duo class (75 min): €45,- p.p.

For more information you can contact me here.


Circles &


Cacao Ceremony, Women's Circle, Mother Blessing...

Sometimes what is needed is just to press pauze for a moment. To gather together in circle, drop all our masks and connect with each other in honesty. To be nourished by inviting a hint of sacredness into our lives. Elements of a circle or ceremony can be meditation, self inquiry, writing, drawing, ritual, sounds, singing, movement, gentle plant medicine like ceremonial cacao, smudging, essential oils, and more. This is about the alchemy of coming together in truth. All I do is hold space for whatever is already there and allow the different elements to flow.

Depending on location, number of participants and travel costs, prices range from €25,- - €45,- p.p. Always feel free to contact me for alternative proposals.  

1 ON 1

I also offer private tailor made ceremonies and rituals. If you feel you need a bit of help to move through a transition in your life, make a new step, let go of something, honour a loss or

celebrate a milestone. I am here to guide you through

these moments in your life to truly experience them,

feel it deeply, and embrace where you are at

with love and kindness, and a bit of magic. 

For more information please contact me here.




Our bodies are made of a lot of water, and with the help of sound, parts of our body can be brought into motion by vibration. Not only does this have a very calming effect, it can help move blocked energy and supports the body to return to balance.


During a breath & sound bath you lie down in comfortable cloths on a soft surface like a yogamat with a blanket. I will first guide you through some breath practices to help you relax and let the body open up to receive the sound vibrations. Singing bowls will be placed around and on the body. By striking the singing bowl it produces a vibration accompanied by a complex sound with overtones. This has a pleasant and deep effect on the body. The only thing you have to do is surrender into the feelings and sounds that are present in the moment.


The relaxing effect of the singing bowls will be enhanced by the use of other meditative instruments and essential oils.

I will end the session with a personal soul melody song.

The rate for a private session at my home in Bergen of

one hour is a sliding scale from €45,- - €65,-, depending

on what feels appropriate in relation to your income. 

For more information please contact me here.


Breath & Sound Bath


Would you like to see what you heart wants you to know?

Inspired by the work of Rachel Archelaus, I offer Intuitive Drawing as a way to get more clarity in your life. In a creative and playful way I will guide you through a short meditation and connect with a question or something for which you would like to receive more clarity.  Then I will help you to let what's in your heart flow through your hand onto paper. Together we will decode your drawing. No creative skills needed! Only the willingness to tune into your heart and move closer to your truth.

I also offer this as a fun and insightful workshop for groups!

For more information and prices please me here.


Intuitive Drawing